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Emma had a love of life that was so deep that her tragic death leaves us all speechless, she will be missed every day by us all. Because her life ended so suddenly, she wasn't able to make some of the impact that she wanted in her life, and for that reason in lieu of flowers to memorialize her death we've setup this page to allow you to help live her legacy.

Any net donations (after PayPal transaction fees) will be used 100% to support those causes that our lovely bright eyed daughter was so fond of - We're sure that you will take comfort in these causes. While the below list is not complete, any money donated (or raised by future fundraisers as we continue her legacy) will help fund the causes that she felt passionate about, including:

    Nature - While in Richmond Virginia at VCU, she talked of our desire to hike the 'Appalachian Trail' and met a friend who told her that the trail ran in 'his backyard'. Donations to the conservancy serving this historical trail would be something that she would have loved.
    Sustainability - Emma was one of the 'healthiest' eaters that we've ever seen, simple and wholesome foods were her diet and organic farming was on her mind. She was investigating 'summer' farming opportunities for her upcoming college breaks and was inspired by simple and wholesome living.
    The Arts - She has the voice of an angel and creativity for visual arts which led her to VCU, the #1 Public Art program in the US. Her first year in the Art Foundation began in August after high school. She found the local music scene so inspiring. It's no doubt that she would have invested her time and talents into the Arts - for Life!

Because she was taken from us so suddenly, this is our first attempt to honor her spirit. She would first and foremost not want flowers at her funeral (nor would she want a funeral, but that is for us), but she would want each of you that cared for her or that she had touched to help someone else. Denise and I will help make sure that happens.

Loving and missing our Sweet Emma Elizabeth,

Michael & Denise Munson